Law Firm Continues its Commitment to Help Clients in Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

Happy 2021 to all! The Attorneys and Staff of PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT PC are ready to answer your questions regarding various areas of the law and to help guide you through legal issues, from general civil law, to consumer law and criminal law to personal injury, workers comp, family law issues and more.

We look forward to continuing to be your local law firm, offering services and resources in many different areas of the law. Let’s look back at 2020 and some topics pertinent to our areas of legal practice, and if you retain us, these will be areas in which we can provide legal advice:

  • We started the year with some guidance on Supplemental Security Insurance. “Who Is Eligible For Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?”, examining requirements for SSI and complexities involved in determining its entitlement.
  • As family law attorneys, we offered helpful information in the article, “What Are Parent/Child Bonding Assessments?”.  Since a bonding assessment is not appropriate for every parent nor for every case, we encourage clients to first discuss related issues with legal counsel familiar with the process.
  • Our staff of attorneys expanded as We Welcomed Katharine Stone Marteny to our law firm as a Practicing Attorney. Note: her previous role with our Firm was as a family law paralegal.  Her primary areas of practice are Family Law, General Civil, Estate/Probate Matters. Although she continues to work primarily in the Family Law arena, she also handles Estate/Probate matters and litigation as well as general civil matters.
  • Are Common Law Marriages Still Valid in Pennsylvania?  What a question. Pennsylvania stopped recognizing Common Law Marriages as of January 1, 2005, but if you had established a Common Law Marriage in this state before that date, Pennsylvania Law preserves the validity of such marriages. If you believe that you may be entitled to certain benefits, including spousal benefits or social security survivor benefits as the result of a Common Law Marriage, contact us at 717-299-7342 for a convenient appointment to discuss your situation.
  • As YOUR law firm for personal injury cases, our article “Common Benefits That Are Often Overlooked in Personal Injury Cases” offers why a personal injury lawyer is necessary to pursue all damages, including loss of future earnings and other crucial damages.
  • The article, “The Pandemic’s Impact on Your Legal Proceedings,” helped provide clients in numerous counties, most notably Lancaster, York, Chester, and Dauphin counties, with information regarding various legal matters. We encourage you to contact us for any updates about your upcoming court proceeding.
  • With schools increasingly using online instruction due to the pandemic, we offered the article, “COVID May Increase Cyberbullying in Pennsylvania,” to help increase awareness and equip victims of cyberbullying or those accused of cyberbullying with legal issues.
  • Child support guidelines are complex (even without the added strains of COVID restrictions and their ramifications). We examined the child support guidelines for the Commonwealth and how support payments are determined.
  • As many of us spent more time outdoors than other years, we looked at how human/animal interactions could pose a risk of negative encounters. Read Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help You Get Compensated.  In a related post, we examined how Pennsylvania Laws Protect Service Dogs.
  • Jeffrey C. Murse, Esquire, became a shareholder in May, and he continues to exclusively practice and handle family law matters in our firm. His return from deployment to Guantanamo Bay was met with much gratitude and excitement.
  • Although we still encourage anyone concerned about unemployment, workers’ compensation, or general employment-related issues, and the impact of COVID to contact us and to have direct communication with us on these issues —initial free consultation in many cases. You can get some general guidance from “What Are Pennsylvania Laws Regarding Unemployment and Workers’ Comp During COVID-19?”.
  • While corporate criminal cases are rare in Pennsylvania, if you own or operate a business, you should know that companies are not immune from criminal prosecution. Read our “Exile is not a Sentencing Option for Corporate Defendants”, and you will gain some background knowledge. From there, we can help you flush out the details if you are in such a predicament. If you or your business is facing criminal charges, it is critical that you have an experienced and knowledgeable Criminal Lawyer on your side.
  • We offered our condolences to one of our staff members, but really a family member, Cindy Styer, as she passed away in September, 2020. We have yet to recover from her passing and still miss her and her infectious smile.
  • Our guidance continued on laws impacted by COVID restrictions, including Education law and FAPE. As personal injury law attorneys, we offered helpful advice for anyone involved in a car accident in which texting while driving was the cause.
  • Lastly, we examined work injury laws and what to do when facing a civil suit.

This retrospective epitomizes the comprehensive representation offered by the law offices of PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT PC.

Need help now? Request a consultation. If you have a topic idea for a blog article or any questions regarding civil law, please give us a call: 717-299-7342.

Also feel free to contact me, the Managing Partner, Gabriella Hashem Farhat, with any comments, concerns, questions, accolades or simply to give us a shoutout about how we are doing. Contact me at [email protected].  Happy New Year!

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