Law Firm Continues its Commitment to Help Clients in Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

Happy 2021 to all! The Attorneys and Staff of PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT PC are ready to answer your questions regarding various areas of the law and to help guide you through legal issues, from general civil law, to consumer law and criminal law to personal injury, workers comp, family law issues and more.

We look forward to continuing to be your local law firm, offering services and resources in many different areas of the law. Let’s look back at 2020 and some topics pertinent to our areas of legal practice, and if you retain us, these will be areas in which we can provide legal advice:

This retrospective epitomizes the comprehensive representation offered by the law offices of PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT PC.

Need help now? Request a consultation. If you have a topic idea for a blog article or any questions regarding civil law, please give us a call: 717-299-7342.

Also feel free to contact me, the Managing Partner, Gabriella Hashem Farhat, with any comments, concerns, questions, accolades or simply to give us a shoutout about how we are doing. Contact me at [email protected].  Happy New Year!

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