Essential Choice: Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Civil Defense Case

Anyone facing a civil suit has a lot to be worried about. Demands in the thousands of dollars added to the possible years of inconvenience while the case winds its way through the court system are just the beginning.

Once you receive a summons or complaint, you face a number of important choices immediately. The first and most important is whom to trust with your defense.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Sued?

Don’t do the fastest and easiest thing in defending a lawsuit: Spend yourself broke (not on settling the claim or gathering evidence, but on attorney’s fees!) Cases in the Court of Common Pleas can demand thousands of dollars in legal fees to lay the initial foundation for the case.

Instead, choose your lawyer wisely. Your choice of counsel is essential. You need a lawyer who can forecast the full trajectory of the case and create a plan that balances your litigation budget with the demands of a legal defense. That lawyer must be able to weigh, evaluate, and reevaluate the strategy to keep the case on track in both the legal and financial senses.

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Your Local Civil Defense Lawyers

At Pyfer Reese, we employ a client-centric formula for civil defense. Throughout the litigation, we weigh the potential results against the costs related to achieving those results. The goal is to keep the legal costs under control and achieve the best overall result for our client.

Even in the highest stake cases, this careful and calculated approach is essential to success. Our client-focused approach — along with our commitment to the highest-caliber representation, unequaled preparation, and unrivaled advocacy — leads to optimal outcomes.

Whether you are facing a high-stakes large-dollar dispute or a small claim before a magistrate, your choice of lawyer is a critical first step.

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