Automobile Accidents

Drunk or inattentive driving & texting can lead to automobile accidents. Don’t face the insurance company alone, our auto accident attorneys can help! Victims are often left with property damage and personal injuries that demand the knowledge of an automobile accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer. Who pays for the damage and injuries depends on who was at fault and/or your insurance coverage.

When You’re Not at Fault

What to do after an automobile accident that was not your fault in Pennsylvania

Following an automobile accident, the last thing you want to do is leave yourself vulnerable to more pain and anguish. Therefore, it is imperative you follow these simple recommendations to ensure you protect yourself from any further damage.

  1. If you were hurt in the accident, it is important that you get the proper medical care right away. Make sure everyone is okay or call an ambulance for those who require medical assistance.
  2. Call the police to report the accident, no matter how minor it may seem. Record the responding officer’s name, contact info, and badge number.
  3. Collect information from the other driver before leaving the scene, including their name, address, driver’s license number, their insurance company and policy number. Share your information with the other driver.
  4. If there were any witnesses around, it is helpful to get their names, phone numbers, and addresses as well, and any statements they may have about the accident.
  5. It is helpful to photograph the car accident scene, as well as damage to the vehicles.
  6. Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident.
  7. Speak to an attorney to help guide your next steps. To make sure your rights are represented, don’t face the insurance company without retaining a highly experienced Lancaster car accident attorney. You’re worth more than a quick settlement. Our team of car accident lawyers, led by Gabriella Hashem Farhat, will help you along the way.

How to prove you are not at fault in an automobile accident

Here in Pennsylvania, we have what’s known as a “choice no-fault” system when it comes to your car insurance. This allows drivers to choose a fault or no-fault policy when they insure their car.

If this option goes unchosen during enrollment, the default is a fault-based policy, which means the injured party (or property owners who suffered damages) can pursue compensation from the person responsible (or at fault) for the accident.

If you are wrongly identified as the person at fault for the accident in this scenario, there are a few things you can do to dispute a car accident fault. If you’ve followed the advice above on what to do after a car accident, it’s much easier to dispute fault.

How to dispute an automobile accident fault

  1. Consult your car accident attorney who can guide you through the process of disputing this claim. If you haven’t yet contacted an attorney, give our team of car accident lawyers, led by Gabriella Hashem Farhat, a call immediately.
  2. If you want to pursue disputing a claim on your own, you need to inform the insurance company you don’t agree with their fault decision. Some insurance companies will have internal policies you need to follow, and they can inform you of this process.
  3. Review the police report, and if you find discrepancies with the actual events be sure to follow up and ask for their report to be amended if you can prove there was an error made.
  4. Often the insurance company will find fault if you receive a traffic violation connected to the accident. In this instance we recommend to fight the ticket in court, as even if you’re unsuccessful it will show the insurance company you’re willing to fight to protect your rights.

For no-fault policies, in most cases it won’t matter to either insurance company who caused the accident, as you’ll first collect compensation for losses from your insurer. In specific instances your injuries may exceed a threshold where you can then make a liability claim against the driver at-fault.

You may also want to consider comparative negligence law, which allows those who’ve been injured in an accident the ability to recover partial compensation for damages, even if they are partly at fault, if they are no more than 50% at-fault.

It’s helpful to fully explore your options by talking to an experienced legal team. We’re available for a free consultation if you’d like to learn more.

How much to expect from a car accident settlement

There are several factors that affect how much your car accident settlement may be worth. These factors can include who was at-fault, who sustained the injuries or property damage/loss, any further pain and suffering following the car accident, the costs associated with medical bills, car repairs/replacements, attorney fees, and disruptions to the parties personal or professional life.

It is due to your unique circumstances that it is hard to determine how much your car accident settlement may be. Speaking to an attorney is your best way to determine how much you may get from your car accident settlement, and our experienced legal team is available for a free consultation.

Pennsylvania requires all motor vehicles to have liability insurance that meets these minimum amounts:

  • $15,000 for injury or death of one person in an accident
  • $30,000 for injury or death of more than one person in an accident
  • $5,000 for damage to property of another person

As these are minimum requirements, drivers can carry more coverage. These insurance limits are important to keep in mind as a reference, but they aren’t very useful for determining how much you might expect in a car accident settlement. Over the years, we have collected millions of dollars for Pennsylvania residents, and firm partner Gabriella Farhat holds the distinct recognition as a member of the multi-million dollar advocates forum which recognizes the top trial lawyers in America. She and her team of automobile accident attorneys will fight for what you deserve.

When You Are at Fault

Car Accident Responsibility and Fault in Lancaster, PA

When dealing with car accidents in Lancaster, PA, understanding fault and responsibility is crucial. The information on this page is not legal advice. In order to get legal help directly related to your unique situation, please schedule a consultation with our team.

It’s best to limit what you say immediately after the occurrence. Wait until you have legal representation, and a calm, clear mind to sort out what happened. Anything you say can be used against you later in the case. Trying to explain, remember and sort out the details when under stress can work against you.

What to do after a car accident if it’s your fault:

After a car accident where you’re at fault, it’s crucial to stay calm and assess the situation. Check for injuries and call emergency services if necessary. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved. Notify your insurance company about the accident. Avoid admitting fault or making statements that could be used against you later. Seek legal advice from a qualified attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Who’s at fault in a car accident:

Determining fault in a car accident depends on various factors such as traffic laws, witness statements, police reports, and evidence from the scene. Generally, the driver who acted negligently or violated traffic laws is deemed at fault. This could include behaviors like speeding, running a red light, or failing to yield.

Who is at fault in a car accident when backing up:

When a car accident occurs while backing up, fault may be assigned based on the specific circumstances of the incident. Factors such as visibility, speed, and right of way will be considered. If a driver fails to check their surroundings properly or backs into another vehicle unlawfully, they may be deemed at fault.

How is fault determined in a car accident:

Fault in a car accident is typically determined by investigating the actions of each driver involved. This may involve reviewing police reports, eyewitness testimony, traffic laws, and any available evidence such as photos or video footage. Insurance companies may also conduct their own investigations to assign fault.

What happens if you are at fault in an auto accident:

If you are found at fault in a car accident, you may be held liable for damages. This could include covering medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and other losses for the other party involved. Your insurance rates may increase, and you may face legal consequences if the accident resulted in injuries or fatalities. It’s essential to seek legal advice to understand your rights and options after being deemed at fault in a car accident.

Understanding these aspects of automobile accident responsibility and fault can help individuals navigate the aftermath of an incident effectively and protect their rights in Lancaster, PA. If you require further details or legal assistance, consider consulting one of our local attorneys who specialize in car accidents.

If you were at fault, please give us a call to discuss your options or learn more.

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