Automobile Accidents

Drunk driving, inattentive driving, and texting while driving are just a few examples of situations that can result in automobile accidents. Victims are often left with property damage and personal injuries that demand the knowledge of an automobile accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer. Who pays for the damage and injuries depends on who was at fault and/or your insurance coverage.

If you were hurt in the accident, it is important that you get the proper medical care right away. To make sure your rights are represented, don’t face the insurance company without retaining a highly experienced Lancaster car accident attorney. You’re worth more than a quick settlement. Our team of car accident lawyers, led by Gabriella Hashem Farhat, to help you along the way. Call us to represent you.

We also specialize in other personal injury cases, including: dog bites, medical negligence, motorcycle accidents, product liability, slips and falls, and wrongful death.

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