Change of Name

The need for a legal name change may result from marriage, divorce, adoption or simply a desire to have another name.

The requirements for legally changing your name or the name of your child in Pennsylvania can seem simple, but there are often unforeseen complications and consequences that can result in long delays, additional costs, or having your application denied altogether. When it comes to petitioning the court to change the name of a child, you will need the representation of a Lancaster name change attorney. If you find yourself in such a situation contact Christopher C. Straub, Sandra Edwards Gray, Jeffrey C. Murse, or Albert J. Meier to discuss whether your particular set of circumstances will be viewed favorably by the Court.

  • Whether the change will affect the natural bonds between parent and child;
  • Whether the change will be beneficial by removing the social stigma involved in the name;
  • Whether the change is part of a protective measure for the child;
  • Whether the child is old enough to intellectually and rationally understand the significance of changing his or her name; and
  • Whether the petitioner is acting in his or her own best interest or in the best interest of the child.

Therefore, we encourage all clients to notify us as soon as possible when considering a name change.