Slips and Falls

Slips and falls happen in an instant. You’re shopping at the market and don’t notice the puddle from the leaky refrigeration unit. Bang! In an instant, you’re on the ground with a broken arm. You’re walking to your apartment and ice has built up on the sidewalk from the downspout that is clogged with leaves. Bam! You’re on the ground and hurting. You’re grabbing milk at the convenience store and there are soda spills in front of the beverage bar. Boom! Suddenly, you’re on your back and looking up at the store lights.

Slips and falls like these frequently result in more than just embarrassment. If someone else’s negligence has caused you to slip, fall, and suffer an injury, don’t face the insurance company on your own. You’re worth more than a quick settlement, and accepting one may result in leaving money on the table and in not recovering enough to cover all of your medical bills. Call our slip and fall attorneys, lead by Gabriella Hashem Farhat, to help you along the way. Call us to represent you.

We also specialize in other personal injury cases, including: automobile accidents, dog bites, medical negligence, motorcycle accidents, product liability, and wrongful death.

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