Comforted in Knowing Our Blog and News Resource Made a Difference

Child safety is a key concern and an important topic for our law firm. It’s why we provided a blog and the news source, “COVID-19 May Increase Cyberbullying in Pennsylvania” as a helpful resource to residents of Lancaster and York counties.

We recently received confirmation from a reader that it is, indeed, a resource worth sharing, as concerned parents and guardians navigate the increasing use of technology among minors.

See below:

Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to share my gratitude towards your work on promoting online child safety!

My daughter had an incident at school and while looking for tips I found this important guide that came out last week.

It’s very thorough with kids’ safety online and I like how they give tips for each topic, plus things both parents and teachers can do (we know it needs both sides to actually work…) It might make a great addition to your page, if you can add it, it would be a tremendous help!

Thanks again for helping to protect our kids!

We appreciate the feedback and hope that our clients and any other parent or guardian seeking helpful guidance regarding cyberbullying finds both resources useful.

If you or your child has been accused of cyberbullying or may be a victim of cyberbullying, call on the team of Gabriella H. Farhat, Gerryanne P. Cauler, and Daniel C. Bardo to help you navigate Pennsylvania’s cyberbullying law and provide you with the legal help you deserve.

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