COVID-19 and Child Custody in Pennsylvania

It has been nearly a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a world pandemic due to its spread throughout the world and the severity of the illness for some of the infected individuals. While the COVID-19 outbreak has affected every aspect of American life, it has brought new challenges for parents whose children are governed by a custody order.

A family living in an intact unit or single household face the challenges of creating effective social distancing plans, cleaning routines, and rules about masking. While this is difficult, coordinating between two households may seem impossible. However, with common sense, cooperation, and the guidance of health care providers, we can keep our children safe and connected with all members of their families.

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Comforted in Knowing Our Blog and News Resource Made a Difference

Child safety is a key concern and an important topic for our law firm. It’s why we provided a blog and the news source, “COVID-19 May Increase Cyberbullying in Pennsylvania” as a helpful resource to residents of Lancaster and York counties.

We recently received confirmation from a reader that it is, indeed, a resource worth sharing, as concerned parents and guardians navigate the increasing use of technology among minors.

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The ‘Move Over’ Law: Specific Requirements and Increased Penalties

The Pennsylvania legislature recently amended the law regarding drivers’ responsibilities in emergency response areas.

As before, the law requires a driver to move to a non-adjacent lane if possible. If lane-change is not possible, though, it adds the requirement that drivers must reduce their speed to 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

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Law Firm Continues its Commitment to Help Clients in Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

Happy 2021 to all! The Attorneys and Staff of PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT PC are ready to answer your questions regarding various areas of the law and to help guide you through legal issues, from general civil law, to consumer law and criminal law to personal injury, workers comp, family law issues and more.

We look forward to continuing to be your local law firm, offering services and resources in many different areas of the law. Let’s look back at 2020 and some topics pertinent to our areas of legal practice, and if you retain us, these will be areas in which we can provide legal advice:

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Essential Choice: Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Civil Defense Case

Anyone facing a civil suit has a lot to be worried about. Demands in the thousands of dollars added to the possible years of inconvenience while the case winds its way through the court system are just the beginning.

Once you receive a summons or complaint, you face a number of important choices immediately. The first and most important is whom to trust with your defense.

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I Was Injured At Work – What Are My Rights?

Dealing with the challenges of being injured at work is frustrating and oftentimes confusing. You probably have many questions about your rights, about what steps you should take, and whom you can trust. Let’s start with what is probably your most pressing question: ‘If I was injured at work, what are my rights?’ “

You have the right to file a claim for your injury, to seek medical assistance from a doctor, and to be represented by a workers’ compensation lawyer as you navigate through the process.

Since each case is different, your best next step is to consult with a lawyer. If you are in or near the Lancaster PA area, our team of workers comp lawyers are here to serve you, and we encourage you to request a consultation with us today or keep reading if you have additional questions. Contact Gabriella H. Farhat

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texting while driving accident lawyers in Lancaster

Should I Get A Lawyer If I Was Hit by Someone Texting While Driving?

In Pennsylvania, if you’ve been in a car accident and the other person was texting while driving, the driver could face fines, court costs, and possible jail time.

If personal injury is involved, the driver could face reckless driving charges or careless driving penalties. Texting while driving is a summary offense, but reckless and careless driving charges could mean that driver spends time in prison.

Who pays for the damage and injuries depends on who was at fault and/or what is covered by your insurance plan. Don’t try to negotiate with an insurance company without retaining a highly experienced car accident attorney. Call one of our expert auto accident attorneys, led by Gabriella Hashem Farhat.

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How Will COVID-19 Restrictions Impact FAPE?

Students in Pennsylvania’s public schools have started a highly unusual school year as some must attend online classes, others participate in a hybrid learning of digital and in-person, and still others attend traditional in-person instruction under restrictive guidelines.

The Wolf administration has issued guidelines, but no mandates. It is up to schools, on the local level, to determine how they will handle risk mitigation and fulfill educational needs while complying with education laws such as FAPE.

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Cindy, our Dear Friend and Family Member, you will be Missed!

Cindy Styer
Our Wonderful Receptionist!

Many of you knew our receptionist, Cindy Styer.  Sadly, Cindy Styer, our

receptionist, passed away on September 27, 2020.  She was with us for 15

years and a very much loved member of our Firm’s family.  She was always

smiling and she was pleasant to everyone who came into or called our office. 

She was kind and helpful to anyone and everyone who came into contact with

her.  She was a woman of strong faith and she dearly loved her family.  Cindy

will be terribly missed by all of us, our clients, and her beloved family.

Fondly, John, Bob, Chris, Sandy, Gabby, Jeff, Al, Gerryanne, Linda, Dan, Katie, Chris P, Eileen, Savannah, Deb B, Deb F, Allison, Katrena, Lori, Dawn, Cindy M, MaryAnn, Angie, Cynthia T, Rebecca, Therese, Deb R. and all of us at PYFER REESE STRAUB GRAY & FARHAT, PC.

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mask at work

What are Pennsylvania Laws Regarding Unemployment and Workers’ Comp During COVID-19?

Guidelines regarding the impact of COVID-19 on your employment and/or workers’ compensation are still rather fluid as Pennsylvania continues to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve gathered some FAQs related to COVID-19, work-related injury, and loss of employment to help answer questions you have about COVID-19 and your employment.

For the most up-to-date guidance, please call our office. You also should refer to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s dedicated coronavirus webpage which is updated daily.

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