Administrative Professional Day – Gratitude At Work

Today is Administrative Professional Day, a special day when we express our gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and commitment our staff and administrative professionals at Pyfer, Reese, Straub, Gray & Farhat contribute every day to our clients and our firm.  Whether it is preparing custody or divorce pleadings, assisting with will preparation or estate administration, or answering questions regarding personal injury, social security, workers’ compensation or criminal litigation, our administrative staff at Pyfer Reese play a pivotal role in the success of each legal action handled by our firm.  

Administrative Professional Day originated in the 1950s as a way to acknowledge the role secretaries played in business.  Over the years, the recognition expanded to include administrative assistants, receptionists, office managers, and other support staff who play crucial roles in maintaining office operations.  From managing schedules and coordinating meetings, to preparing correspondence with the court and other law firms, our staff at Pyfer Reese are the backbone of our office. 

 Administrative Professional Day at Pyfer Reese allows us to recognize the diverse skills and talents each of our professionals bring to the office, each with skills that are essential to the smooth functioning of our fast-paced and busy law firm.  More impressive is the dedication each brings to the office—every day and without fail—allowing us to be successful as we provide top-tier legal representation to our clients.  Their hard work and dedication keep the wheels turning every day, and they are appreciated by everyone at Pyfer Reese.  Thank you, Dawn, Mary Ann, Cindy, and Denise in our Willow Street Office; Michelle and Deb in our Ephrata Office; and to Erin, Cindy, Debbie, Rebecca, Lori, Eileen, and Leslie in our Lancaster Office.  Happy Administrative Professional Day to all of you!           

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