The Warm Hearts Behind a Tough Business

PRSGF Employee Spotlight: Office Pets Edition

At Pyfer Reese Straub Gray & Farhat PC, we love our pets! At the heart of our mission lies a commitment: our dedicated legal team endeavors not only to champion the rights of our clients but also to advocate for the well-being of our beloved animal companions. PRSGF has donated to the Humane League of Lancaster County and our team members have adopted pets from local rescues. Despite the challenges we face in the difficult business of law, the presence of our cherished pets brings warmth and joy to our lives every single day. Allow us to share with you the delightful companions who sprinkle happiness into our world, in the hopes that their adorable faces bring a smile to yours as well!

Meet Asha Nicole

Human Companion: Denise

What are your pet’s nicknames?

“Asha-Gabasha” and “Baba.” Asha, in Indian, means hope and life. Nicole is a reference to Hurricane Nicole that we drove through on the Turnpike to pick her up.

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

Her favorite toy is her Chuck-It ball. She has like 1,000 of them and will notice when one is missing!

Tell us the story of how you found your pet.

I was looking for eons for a Cocker Spaniel and located Asha Nicole in Ohio. It was a 5-hour trip one-way to Ohio.

Why would your pet make a terrible attorney?

She would lick all of her clients’ faces!

Meet Keegan

Human Companion: Mary Ann

What is your pet’s favorite treat?

His favorite treat is a stuffed Kong with all natural dog treats like freeze-dried lamb patties.

What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

He is very expressive and wants to communicate with his humans. He will drop toys in our laps and will gently tug on our sleeve if he wants our attention! He loves to be around people and is always watching our every move.

How would you describe your pet’s personality in one word?


Why would your pet make a terrible attorney?

He would have too much fun on the job! His focus would be on having a good time and going on adventures. He also would not be detailed in his work.

Meet Lexi & Holly

Human Companion: Lori

What is a fun fact about your pets?

Lexi is now blind but lives a fulfilling happy life! Holly adores her older sister.

What is your pet’s favorite treat?

Lexi’s favorite treat is animal crackers aka “cookies.” Holly’s obsession is peanut butter (especially in her Kong!).

What is your favorite thing about your pets?

My dogs are my sunshine – They make our world complete and happy.

Why would your pets make terrible attorneys?

They adore people too much and would be distracted with socializing all the time.

Meet Gracie

Human Companion: Dawn

What is your pet’s favorite place to go?

Muddy Run Park to go for a walk, swim, and sniff all of the smells.

What is your pet’s favorite activity?

She enjoys going on nature walks, swimming, sleeping in bed, lounging on the couch, and getting lots of treats!

Tell us the story of how you found your pet.

She was adopted in March of 2017 from One Dog At A Time pet rescue located in Lewistown, PA. She will be 10 years old this Fall of 2024.

Why would your pet make a terrible attorney?

She does not play well with others and does not like to share her toys. She also naps too much and her boss would not be pleased!

Meet Gatsby

 Human Companion: Debbie

What is your pet’s quirk?

He likes to put himself to bed – He grabs his stuffed Kong toy (non-fat Greek yogurt and half a banana) and takes it to his bed upstairs on his own. He also loves playing hide-n-seek; His humans are the hiders, and he is the seeker.

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

His favorite toy is any toy that he can chew up. He has gone through quite a few toys!

Tell us the story of how you found your pet.

We got Gatsby from an Amish farm in Lancaster County when he was 8 weeks old.

Why would your pet make a terrible attorney?

He cannot focus and would rather eat food all day.

Meet Chicken & Kole

Human Companion: Megan

How would you describe your pet’s personality in one word?

Chicken: Happy. Kole: Adventurous.

What are your pets’ favorite treats?

Chicken and Kole truly enjoy anything from carrots to steak.

Tell us the story of how you found your pet.

Chicken was rescued from Rebound Hounds. Kole was rescued from Charlie’s Crusaders.

Why would your pet make a terrible attorney?

Chicken would be too busy carrying a toy around in her mouth all day. Kole is an introvert and would prefer to be by himself.

Professional Law with A Personal Touch

We trust you enjoyed getting acquainted with our cherished pets, and we extend our gratitude for sharing in some of our happiness. As esteemed legal representatives in Pennsylvania, fostering enduring connections with our clients is paramount to us. We stand by you during life’s toughest moments, but we also aspire to celebrate the most joyful and significant occasions together. Our furry companions are integral to our family, reflecting our commitment to infuse positivity into everything we do.

From Cuddles to the Courtroom

Rest assured, our fondness for animals doesn’t detract from our resolve. In the realm of business, we advocate fiercely for our clients’ rights. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, reach out to our team today to explore how we can support you. Consultations are straightforward, and you might even have the opportunity to meet one of our adorable pets!

Disclaimer: Our blog and news posts do not constitute legal advice; they are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. For legal assistance, please contact our team.