Retirement of A. Faye Mowrer

After 22 years with Pyfer Partners, Financial Adminstrator, A. Faye Mowrer, is ready to relax. Faye leaves us with the following:

         I have enjoyed working for Pyfer Partners Law Firm for the past twenty–two years as Financial Administrator.     The daily work was challenging which is what made me want to come to work daily.   I love a challenge and because this position had so many facets, it was so interesting and never boring.

         As I look back over the time, I have enjoyed all the attorneys and staff members that I have had daily contact.   The people at the Firm had made my time here very enjoyable and they will be missed.   I hope to be able to stay in touch.

         I am looking forward to retirement to do a little traveling, spending time with family and just to sit back, read, walk and enjoy my new career of retirement.  I know I will also continue with American Business Women Association and all my volunteering such as the Fulton Guild and Hospice.   

 Thanks to all!!!   Faye Mowrer

Faye will be sorely missed and we wish her the best!






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