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Pyfer Reese represented a firefighter who was severely injured when a house exploded due to a gas line break that was caused by a drunk driver who careened off the road, into the house. The driver of the car was a minor. We aggressively pursued a third party liability action against the operator, her parents, and other parties. We engaged in a significant 2-part mediation that led to a settlement. We also aggressively pursued a Dram Shop* claim against the bar who served alcohol to the minor. After securing workers' compensation benefits for our client who was unable to return to work, we went to trial against the bar, and our client was awarded over two million dollars, which included punitive and delay damages. Unable to fully recover from the injuries and obtain alternate employment, we are now assisting the injured worker in a Social Security Disability claim.

*Dram shop liability refers to the body of law governing the liability of taverns, liquor stores and other commercial establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.

Pyfer Reese represented a plant manager who injured his back while maneuvering a piece of heavy steel on a tow motor in the course and scope of his employment. He underwent back surgery and attempted to return to work on light duty as a mechanic. The new position ended up being more physically demanding and a second surgery was necessary. After a mandatory workers' compensation mediation and a voluntary mediation, we were able to secure a lump sum settlement as to both injuries through a compromise and release agreement as to each.

Pyfer Reese represented a mother and her three young children whose husband/father was tragically killed by a forklift while rendering assistance to a disabled truck. Our firm engaged itself in litigation, raising an estate, and then conducting an investigation of the unfortunate incident which included, among other things, obtaining all investigative documents, hiring and retaining a private investigator, hiring and retaining a professional engineer, conducting a site inspection, conducting an inspection of the subject forklift with the professional engineer, taking photographs, conducting various interviews and conversations and probing potential litigation against the manufacturer of the subject forklift.

After the above was concluded, counsel for the defendant requested a demand letter of settlement of Plaintiffs' counsel. We then gathered all appropriate documents and hired and retained a consulting economist to determine the value of potential future earning capacity of the Decedent. The matter settled for 2.5 million dollars, and trusts were established to meet each party's needs.

Pyfer Reese represented a worker who was severely injured when a machine guard malfunctioned on an oven that he was cleaning. He lost four (4) fingers and sustained third degree burns on his left hand. After securing workers' compensation benefits from his employer for specific loss of use, and payment of other appropriate workers' compensation benefits, including medical bills, we aggressively pursued a product defect case against the manufacturer of the oven. Our suit included retaining an out-of-state machine expert and coordinating and conducting an on-site inspection of the "oven" at the injured man's place of employment while the facility was shut down. Ultimately, we settled the case in excess of a million dollars. The process included coordination of settlement and dealing with the interplay between workers' compensation law and product liability law.