Most people are not aware that if they have a domestic partner or significant other residing with them in their own home, it may be difficult to force that person to leave the house.  If your paramour/significant other refuses to leave the house when you request that they do so, and you change the locks on the door and put their possessions in the front yard, the police may advise them that they have a right to enter the house because it is “their residence.”  

If you file a Landlord Tenant Action at your local District Justice Office and ask for the unwanted person to be evicted, the District Justice will most likely dismiss your request because it is not a Landlord Tenant situation.  If the person living with you, was a romantic partner and there was no lease or formal agreement, and that person has established his/her residence in your house, it may be necessary for you to file an Action in Ejectment. This is a little-known legal action. In many cases, the unwanted former partner, will leave voluntarily; however, if they do not leave, it may be necessary to institute a lawsuit which is an Action in Ejectment.

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~Sandra Edwards Gray, Esquire

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