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Family Law

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Family law deals with matters such as marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; adoptions and surrogacy, divorce, alimony, pre-marital agreements, and Protection From Abuse.

Few legal matters are more sensitive than family issues, and our experienced team of family law attorneys brings to the table many accomplishments in this arena. We fully understand both the legal and the human aspects of these situations, and we navigate them with the utmost care and tact. Our professionalism and breadth of experience in family law cases in the Lancaster region help us guide you through these emotionally challenging times. Several members of our team, including Lancaster family law attorneys John F. Pyfer, Jr., Robert H. Reese, Jr., Christopher C. Straub, Sandra Edwards Gray, Albert J. Meier, Jeffrey C. Murse, Gerryanne P. Cauler, Daniel C. Bardo, Esquire, and Linda F. Gerencser specialize in aiding individuals with family legal matters.

Should you need a Lancaster divorce lawyer, or help with any other family law matter, we can assist you through these emotionally challenging times.A few of the legal matters handled under this area of practice include: